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Social gatherings are what really keep us sane. Then they could be corporate events or party nights. But meeting new people and catching up with old buddies is always a pleasure. But whenever you need to organize such a social gathering, venue is one of the greatest problems for anyone out there. To find the perfect venues in Australia, AXF entertainment is your go-to service.

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We are known not only for our cost effectiveness, but also our dedication to all our clients. We take full responsibility for your event and ensure that you have the time of your life while we do all the work.

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In our venue hires, we provide a number of specific niche market services to cater to a wide client base. 

Among the services that we offer, some are:

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Specific Venues

We offer venues that are specific to your needs. The needs that are to be catered to are the number of guests, the availability on venue of services such as audiovisual services, availability of dance floors or corporate halls on venue and so on.

Venues for Parties

One of our specialties is to provide venues for the biggest parties in town. This may include venues with availability of bars, dance floors, music setups, disco lights, and space for plenty of guests. You ask for it and we get it for you.

Corporate Event Venues

However, we are equally competent when it comes to corporate events. At these events, audiovisuals, corporate halls and hi teas are the most typical requirements of our clients. Our set of venues offer all such services at the lowest of costs.

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How to Find the Best Conference Venues on the Gold Coast

Hosting an event, whether simple parties or conferences, usually involves considering several factors. A conference, for instance, is quite different from other events, mainly because it can take some days or weeks, and all the attendees are people whose interests are similar. Therefore planning for a conference can be more challenging even for those who have hosted conferences. 

There is much to do, including brainstorming the conference’s agenda,  selecting the right things and choosing the best venue. Among all these activities. This is because the conference venue you select always affects the success of your conference venue. For this reason, it is always advisable to do all they can to identify the best conference venues. If this is your first time hosting a conference, you must find out how to select the best venue so that you will make sure everything runs smoothly during the selection process.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Conference Venues on the Gold Coast

When selecting a conference venue on the gold coast,  there are a variety of factors that you need to consider to ensure that you are choosing the ideal venue for your conference. some of these factors include;

  • Venue  location

When looking for a conference venue,  the location you select matters significantly. Unfortunately, with the conference venues all over the gold cast, it becomes complicated to select the ideal location. For the sake of the people attending your conference, you must consider where the conference venue you choose is and find out if it is easily accessible. You want your guests to be able to access the location of your venue, which is why you should select a conference venue located in a place where they can access different modes of transport.

  • Capacity

Preparing for a conference entails deciding and knowing how many attendees you will invite.   This is a significant factor that helps you when looking for conference venues. The number of attendees you expect will help you identify the conference venue whose capacity can accommodate them all. Therefore, as you look for a conference venue, ensure that you find out their capacity to select the venue that accommodates all your attendees.

  • Catering

Like location and space, beverages and food are essential in any event. It would help to consider catering services to find an excellent conference venue. Also, try to find out if the venues provide different food options in case people have allergies or food restrictions.

  • Accommodation

Conferences usually go on for days and, at times, for weeks, which means that the people attending your conference will be required to find great accommodation options when they arrive. For this reason, you should ensure that the conference venues you select are located near hotels that can offer accommodation to them. Consequently, you can choose a hotel with an excellent conference facility and great accommodations for all your guests.

  • Technology and technical  facilities

There are so many technical facilities that are required during a conference. You need to make sure that you select a conference venue that provides you access to strong wifi, ample charging stations, microphones, projectors, A/V equipment, screens and stages. All these things will help you ensure a successful conference, especially if you must make many presentations. The Gold Coast conference centre is properly equipped with the latest technology so that you can effectively hold your event.

The Gold Coast conference centre is properly equipped with the latest technology so that you can effectively hold your event.

Even if it is your first time selecting conference venues on the Gold Coast, the above factors should help you make the right choices. Also, remember to check on other factors like adequate parking, security and amenities available for your guests. Ensure that everything makes the venue outstanding since your guests expect nothing less.

Meeting rooms in Gold Cost

Conference rooms, also meeting rooms, are specific areas created for holding conferences, meetings, and other professional gatherings.These spaces often come with the furniture, technology, and other amenities required for successful meetings.

Depending on the requirements of the attendees and the form of the meeting, there are several types of meeting rooms accessible. Typical types of conference rooms include:

1. Boardrooms: These are often sizable, formal conference spaces intended for gatherings at the executive level. These frequently have conveniences like audio-visual equipment, a big table, and comfortable seats for lots of people.

2. Conference rooms: These adaptable meeting areas can be utilized for a range of activities, such as presentations, training sessions, and team meetings. They frequently have whiteboards, audio-visual technology, and other tools to encourage cooperation.

3. Huddle rooms: These compact conference rooms are intended for fast, on-the-spot discussions. To promote remote communication, they frequently have facilities like video conferencing technology.

4. Training rooms: These are meeting spaces designated particularly for training sessions and workshops. To encourage participatory learning, they frequently have adaptable seating configurations and sophisticated equipment.

5. Interview rooms: These are modest conference spaces intended for holding job interviews. They frequently provide cozy chairs and audio-visual tools to make the interviewing process easier.

Undoubtedly, meeting rooms are crucial areas for holding effective meetings, promoting efficient internal communication, and fostering collaboration. The particular requirements of the attendees and the purpose of the meeting will determine the sort of meeting space that is chosen.

There are several factors to take into account while choosing an ideal meeting space for a good and fruitful meeting.

1. Establish the meeting’s size: The first thing you should do is figure out how big the gathering will be. You must select a venue that can accommodate the expected number of guests. Make sure the room is large enough to comfortably fit everyone in, but not so big that it appears sterile or scary.

2. Confirm availability: To make sure the meeting space is available on the requested date and time, you must first check its availability. To avoid any last-minute shocks, reserve the meeting space in advance.

3. Location: The meeting room’s location is an important aspect to take into account. You must pick a venue that is accessible to all participants. Take into account the participants’ journey distance and duration, as well as the accessibility of parking and public transit.

4. Amenities: The amenities in the meeting space can have a significant impact on how well your meeting goes. Verify that any essential tools such as projectors, displays, and audio systems are available. Additionally take into account other amenities like Wi-Fi, power outlets, and climate control.

5. Catering: If the conference will last a long time, you might want to think about using catering services. To keep attendees hydrated and energized throughout the meeting, pick a space that can serve food and drinks.

6. Price: The conference room’s price is an important consideration. Choose a room that fits your budget after comparing costs. Make careful to account for all supplemental expenses, including those for catering, equipment, and extra services.

Choosing an appropriate meeting space entails carefully taking into account a number of factors. You can make sure that the meeting is a success and beneficial for everyone in attendance by taking the time to consider the factors just discussed. We suggest that you visit Hilton Surfers Paradise’s meeting rooms for hire and see if they fit your requirements.


How to Choose the Perfect Custom Wristband

Accessories have come a long way throughout the decades. Designs and purposes change almost every single day. A creative way that companies have found fair use in accessories is through wristbands. Apart from being worn by individuals, companies found that they can use wristbands for their events.

Wristbands are fashionable, visually appealing, and cheaper to buy and maintain, hence why they are so popular nowadays. The process of creating a wristband is not complicated either. If you are looking to purchase or produce wristbands, here are a few things to consider.


Factors to Consider

  1. Material

There are different types of materials used to make wristbands, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the purpose of the wristband, then you can choose the right material. Examples of materials are:

  • Vinyl (Plastic) Wristbands

They are great for more extended events happening for a period; they offer extra security and can be tamper-proof. You can add barcodes, UV, and print QR codes on them.

  • Fabric ( Clothe) Wristbands

They are most popular with larger festivals and events because they are the ultimate security option. You can choose from printed or woven styles and are tamper-proof.

  • Tyvek (Paper) Wristbands

They offer an excellent low-cost security option. Paper wristbands are best suitable for shorter events; they can also be tear-resistant, water-resistant, tamper-proof, and non–transferrable.

  • Silicone (Rubber) Wristbands

There are five different types of silicone wristbands. They are great with more extended events and are the most popular. They are tamper-proof, and you can add your text or logos as needed.

   2. Style

Depending on the material used, the style differs. Here are a few types you can consider for your wristband:

  • Embossed Wristbands

It is incredibly popular with silicone bands. The letters are raised off the band, and you can feel them. It helps your message to stand out.

  • Debossed Wristbands

The letters are dented inwards and can be color-filled to help make the text clear, and the colours add a new twist to your wristband.

  • Printed Wristbands

You can choose any base colour but are limited to a maximum of three-colour print out.

  • Ink filled Wristbands

They are textured with a sunken effect wristband and colour ink fill. You can also get a Pantone match available.

     3. Design

It includes:

  • Width

Depending on your taste, you can choose the measurements that best suit you. The standard width is 12mm and can be adjusted upwards.

  • Colour

The beauty of wristbands mainly lies with colour because of the visual appeal. Choose colours that stand out for your text to stand out even better.

  • Text

Choose what text you want to be on the wristband. The text should be short and precise because of its length.

  • Logos

You can choose to add the logo of your company or event or not to, but for branding, it is advisable to add one.

  • Packaging

Please choose whether you would want them individually packed, or packed together, flat-packed, or in clear shaped bags when distributed.

      4. Quantity

Depending on the event or festival, choose the right number of wristbands you want to be produced. Quantity matters a lot, so be sure to pick the right amount.

      5. Price

All of the above factors determine the price. For budget purposes and accountability, it is advisable to choose your preferences first then get a price quotation from your chosen producer or seller.


Wristbands are a fashionable, relatively cheap form of advertising. When you choose your wristband to keep in mind, you want to get people to wear them long after the event or festival and enjoy wearing them. Order your custom wristbands from

Advantages of Hanging out at your Local Sports Bar

A local sports bar answers everyone’s needs. While this can be considered hyperbole, hanging out at your local sports bar provides a lot of benefits.

The reasons why hanging out at your local sports bar is beneficial, to include:

An opportunity to meet new and interesting people

All sorts of people frequent a community and local sports bar. It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a drink, or to catch a game. The local sports bar is typically a place with an inviting ambience that makes people feel amicable and more of themselves.

Meeting new and interesting people become easier with the laid-back atmosphere of a local sports bar. It is seen as natural to strike up conversations with nearby people in a sports bar than anywhere else.

The chance to make new friends

The chance of broadening social horizons is one of the top reasons for people to congregate at a local sports bar. The sports bar not only provides a place to view the latest sporting event or to dine but it also a great place to meet people with the same interests.

A sports bar is always the best place to make friends with the interest of the same sports as you have while drinking a bottle or glass from their craft beer selection. New friendships are forged through similar likes and the best place to find it is in a local sports bar.

The best places to be yourself as you take a much-needed break

Going to the pub is also a time to clear your head. Blowing off steam and letting your hair down after a hard day’s work is best enjoyed with a glass of beer and surrounded by sports fans at a local sports bar.

The inviting ambience of a sports bar allows you to be yourself as you take a much-needed break from the daily rigours of life.

Taking the time to relax in a sports bar after a crazy day also boosts your mood and confidence.

The perfect setting for a sports fan

A sports enthusiast will feel right at home as soon as he/she walks into a sports bar. The multiple and huge TV sets strategically placed all over the place allows you to view favourite sports all at the same time.

Multiple football events taking place on the same day are things you get to enjoy at sports bars. The comfortable seating provided by sports bars allows you to nurse your drink, enjoy sports events, and make new friends all at the same time.

Develops your communication skills

Interacting with other people face-to-face is the best way to develop communication skills. Digital conversations that can be edited, rehearsed, and deleted cannot match real-time conversation. The best way to sharpen your communication skills is to frequently visit highly-peopled places such as a local sports bar.

Conversing with a fellow sports enthusiast is not hard when it’s done over a cold beer in a sports bar.

The much-needed break you’ve been looking for is achieved by walking into your favourite local sports bar. Hanging out by your lonesome or with a group of friends at a sports bar can be seen as innocuous. Yet, the chances to meet new people, relax, and watch your favourite sports replenish you, big time.

Things To Consider Before You Charter a Yacht

Summer is here which means that you are thinking about chilling with yourself, your friends or your family. It is the best time to go to some coastal island, away from the city, close to nature and boat hire mooloolaba. If you are going there, definitely you will want to go in the ocean for which you need a yacht. Pick a famous island so that you can find different options. Even , if you have a wide range of yachts to pick from, there are a number of things need to considered before you charter a yacht:

Type of Yacht

When you charter a yacht, make sure to identify the smallest reason why you want the yacht? For example, are you going on your own, do you want this trip with your family or is it a corporate trip? How many people are going to be with you? What type of vacations are you going for? It might be exploratory, for sake of fun, or sport. Answering all these questions will help you pick the yacht.

Location and Destination

You cannot simply just jump in sea without any destination in mind. Plan where you want to go. One of the best ways to plan is to go through blogs and vlogs. Social media can also become your best friend in this situation. Identify the number of ports you want to go and the places which you want to see.


This is important in any type of vacations. However, if you step out of your range during a vacation on sea, things might get more complicated. You will have to discontinue the service on any port. Make sure to plan your vacations according to your budget. Don’t fall for the fancy picture. keep a check on your bank account too.


Take all the precautionary measures you can before you leave for the ocean. Invest on apparel since it should be perfect and comfortable. Keep it in mind that there will be pictures taken. You have to look great in them. More so, take all the medicines and pain killers. You might have allergies or any other medical conditions. Make an appointment with your doctor before vacations and have a complete check-up.

Booking Time

It depends on your destination. Some of them are so popular that you might want to book months before. Some of them might give you a spot in weeks or even days. Make sure to book before time and research the place so that you know what you can do to enjoy.

Crew Yacht Or DIY Yacht

There are many yacht charters which give both of these services. If you are a smart one, you will not need a crew. However a crew can help you enjoy more since you will not have to do anything by yourself.
Going into the ocean without considering the matters mentioned above is risky. Do consider them for a comfortable and enjoyable trip with your friends and family.

Organize the wedding with a click: the trend of the millennium

Everything has been digitized. The Internet boom has brought with it the possibility of making access to any information easy . The 90s TV series taught us to organize every aspect of a wedding by storing information in a large binder containing paper articles on centerpieces, models of dresses taken from the latest issues of magazines, ideas for hairstyles, make-up and lists of restaurants used for organization of ceremonies .

And this is good: there is no comparison between the work that was done before with the convenience of having in your Pinterest account all the information that seems most useful to make the fateful yes really special. The idea of organizing your wedding with the help of the internet and its fantastic apps is becoming increasingly popular . Here are some of the most clicked:

Pinterest: the world in a bulletin board
It is one of the most useful and versatile apps : kitchen, furniture, pets … you will find everything on Pinterest , but really everything. Of course, the list does not lack interesting ideas for those struggling with the organization of the wedding .

In the database, in fact, you will be able to find every type of hairstyle to show to the hairdresser of confidence during the rehearsals and choose, finally, the one considered most suitable to your face, to the dress and more in line with the unquestionable personal tastes.

There are also ideas for makeup, tablecloths, centerpieces, decorations, the theme and cut of the dress. The Pinterest boards are created especially for those who need ideas. Just create one for every aspect of the wedding (hair-style, make-up, clothes, bouquets, decorations) and save the pins (post with photo and description) that you like.

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