Organize the wedding with a click: the trend of the millennium

Everything has been digitized. The Internet boom has brought with it the possibility of making access to any information easy . The 90s TV series taught us to organize every aspect of a wedding by storing information in a large binder containing paper articles on centerpieces, models of dresses taken from the latest issues of magazines, ideas for hairstyles, make-up and lists of restaurants used for organization of ceremonies .

And this is good: there is no comparison between the work that was done before with the convenience of having in your Pinterest account all the information that seems most useful to make the fateful yes really special. The idea of organizing your wedding with the help of the internet and its fantastic apps is becoming increasingly popular . Here are some of the most clicked:

Pinterest: the world in a bulletin board
It is one of the most useful and versatile apps : kitchen, furniture, pets … you will find everything on Pinterest , but really everything. Of course, the list does not lack interesting ideas for those struggling with the organization of the wedding .

In the database, in fact, you will be able to find every type of hairstyle to show to the hairdresser of confidence during the rehearsals and choose, finally, the one considered most suitable to your face, to the dress and more in line with the unquestionable personal tastes.

There are also ideas for makeup, tablecloths, centerpieces, decorations, the theme and cut of the dress. The Pinterest boards are created especially for those who need ideas. Just create one for every aspect of the wedding (hair-style, make-up, clothes, bouquets, decorations) and save the pins (post with photo and description) that you like.


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